Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much are boat slips ?

A: Our boat slips start at around $1,500 plus HST

Q: Do boat slips come with car parking ?

A: They come with one car parking. Additional spaces are subjected to extra charges

Q: Do you have mechanical services ?

A: Yes we do. Call for more information

Q: What if my boat has a problem and I'm not there ?

A: If it is something simple such as flipping a switch, we will happily do it. But if it takes up a significant amount of time, then there will be fees associated

For your information...

There are fees associated with using the launch ramp and visitor parking

There are penalties for parking without permits

All boats at the marina need to be sea worthy

Always pick up after your pets

Never litter around the premises


Marina Slip Contract



Please fill out and bring to the Marina store

827 Go Home Lake Road,

Mactier, ON, P0C 1H0

P.O. Box 220



Phone: (705) 375-2211

Alternate: (647) 960-0299